Join us for a webinar with Klint Rose , Ph.D., CSO of Purigen Biosystems, where he will be discussing the many benefits of the Ionic® Purification System in extracting pure RNA and DNA from FFPE samples using isotachophoresis.

  • Higher Yield, Higher Quality and Better Data
    3.5x more DNA and 2x more RNA from FFPE (on average)
  • No Beads, Columns, or Fixed Surfaces
    Less fragmentation and no risk of contamination from beads or wash solvents
  •  No Bias Towards Length or GC Content
    Extract targeted nucleic acid regardless of fragment length or GC content
  •  Efficient Workflow and Simple Lysis
    Deparaffinize, lyse, and de-crosslink FFPE in a single reaction without using harsh

Date: 23th Feb

Time: 16:00h