Precision and efficiency are essential in the dynamic field of genomics. The DeNovix DS-8X Eight-Channel Spectrophotometer is designed to meet these needs, providing an advanced tool for the rapid and accurate quantification of nucleic acids.

Rapid and Precise Nucleic Acid Quantification

Nucleic acid quantification is a crucial step in numerous genomic procedures, from library preparation for sequencing to DNA and RNA amplification and detection. The DS-8X enables these tasks to be performed with unprecedented efficiency, analyzing up to 8 samples simultaneously in just 10 seconds. This optimized performance translates into greater productivity and faster turnaround times.

Innovation in UV-Vis Technology

  1. SmartPath™ Technology: 

The patented SmartPath™ technology automatically adjusts the path length of each sample in real-time, ensuring precise measurements and eliminating common errors. This is especially beneficial in the quantification of genomic samples, where accuracy is critical for the success of subsequent experiments.

  1. Full Spectrum Analysis:

The DS-8X offers full-spectrum UV-Vis analysis (190 – 840 nm), ideal for the quantification of DNA, RNA, and proteins. The ability to measure absorbance across the entire spectrum allows for a detailed assessment of sample purity and concentration, detecting potential contaminants and ensuring the integrity of the nucleic acids.

EasyApps™ Software: Efficiency at Every Step

The powerful EasyApps™ software is specifically designed for life scientists, simplifying the quantification process with an intuitive interface. The AutoRun functionality further enhances workflow efficiency by automatically starting the measurement upon sample loading.


Key Features:

  • SmartQC™ Contamination Alerts: During measurements, SmartQC™ compares samples to established purity ratios, visually marking contaminated samples and providing details on potential contaminants.
  • Flexible Export Options: With Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity options, data can be easily exported in LIMS-compatible formats, seamlessly integrating with other laboratory management systems.

Compliance and Security

For laboratories operating under strict regulations, the DS-8X offers optional software compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, ensuring password-protected system access, integrated electronic signatures, and secure audit trail recording. Additionally, the available IQ-OQ package provides comprehensive documentation for device installation and qualification.

Applications in Genomics

The DS-8X is ideal for various applications in genomics, including:

  • Library Preparation for Sequencing: Precise quantification of DNA and RNA is essential for next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation.
  • PCR and qPCR: Accurate nucleic acid quantification ensures reliable results in PCR and qPCR reactions.
  • Gene Expression Analysis: Precise evaluation of RNA concentrations for gene expression studies.

The DeNovix DS-8X Eight-Channel Spectrophotometer, based on DS-11 series technology, not only enhances the precision and efficiency of nucleic acid quantification but also offers an unprecedented user experience with its intuitive design and advanced technology. Choosing the DS-8X means investing in a device that will transform your genomics laboratory, enabling you to achieve new levels of excellence in your research.