Wednesday, May 29th.

Registration is now OPEN for the Spatial Symposium! Are you ready to explore the cutting-edge world of spatial technology? Join us at the 10x Genomics Spatial Symposium, a dynamic one-day event designed for newcomers and seasoned users alike.

Save the Date: May 29th Location: Josep Carreras Institute Immerse yourself in a day of enlightening scientific sessions featuring: Keynote Presentations by Leading Researchers

Expert Panels Networking Opportunities with Peers

At the heart of this symposium lies the profound relationship between cells and their spatial organization within tissues. Understanding this intricate interplay is pivotal in unraveling the complexities of normal development and disease pathology. Enter spatial transcriptomics, a revolutionary molecular profiling technique that empowers scientists to dissect the gene expression landscape of tissues while preserving their spatial context. The implications of this technology are far-reaching, driving unprecedented advancements in our comprehension of biological processes and disease mechanisms.

The symposium promises a firsthand glimpse into the cutting-edge innovations, shaping the field of spatial transcriptomics. Central to the symposium’s agenda is a spotlight on the groundbreaking improvements to methodologies in this field spearheaded by 10x Genomics scientists. Participants will have the unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of these advancements, gaining invaluable insights into the underlying technology and its implications for scientific discovery. From enhanced resolution to streamlined workflows, these innovations promise to revolutionize how researchers interrogate cellular landscapes, opening new ways for exploration and discovery.

Additionally, the symposium serves as a dynamic platform for users to share their first-hand experiences and showcase the transformative impact of spatial transcriptomics in their research endeavors. Expert panels will facilitate thought-provoking discussions, offering perspectives from diverse scientific disciplines. Through these interactions, attendees will gain practical insights, exchange best practices, and foster collaborations that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Beyond the scientific program, the symposium offers ample opportunities for networking and engagement. Whether connecting with peers during interactive sessions or engaging in informal discussions over coffee, attendees will immerse themselves in a vibrant community of spatial biology enthusiasts. These interactions not only foster camaraderie but also lay the groundwork for future collaborations and partnerships that have the potential to drive scientific progress.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Reserve your seat now.